CitNOW offers car dealerships – either directly or through OEM programmes – the opportunity to sell more cars and parts more profitably. They do this by enabling their clients to use video to communicate with their customers; using the CitNOW workshop tool, the workshop technician can record a quick video detailing a problem with a vehicle. The client then receives an email with a link to the video, enabling them to make an informed decision as to how to proceed. CitNOW videos are also used on the sales/pre-sales side of things to help clients to make purchasing decisions remotely.

the brief
CitNOW had already implemented Podio to an extent, but were aware that they could be using it a whole lot more. The company is growing fast, and they needed a suite of CRM tools to help them track sales leads and understand their market position at a glance. They also wanted to create a vibrant company intranet, to bring a real sense of community to the office. Extending their use of Podio was the obvious solution, and we were drafted in to assist with setting up the appropriate workspaces and apps.

the solution
We worked closely with the whole CitNOW team to identify and specify apps which would enhance existing business processes, in order to provide powerful business insights. This included exploiting the calculation capability of Podio to produce embedded charts for quick and easy analysis of data. The whole journey from first contact, through completed sale, and onto post-sign up support is now recorded, monitored and reviewed in Podio. We also worked with the team to further develop their company intranet, which is now a lively and integral part of day-to-day life at CitNOW.
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