Our client had been tracking the progress of their vast number of projects via a new web app. They could locate the project on a map, and then document the project via images, videos and other media. However, this solution was not providing the required speed in recalling documents and images, and videos needed to be fully downloaded before they could be viewed.

services provided

By leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services, we were able to integrate a comprehensive solution which managed the media storage and delivery in the application. Each image is processed, and multiple resolutions are created and contextually rendered to the user to improve speed. Videos are now also transcoded into three variable bitrate formats, allowing for constant streaming in variable connectivity situations, on a range of devices. Both of these solutions also make use of Amazon’s CloudFront delivery service’s caching capability, ensuring content is delivered at optimum speeds. Finally, users are also able to selectively export the uploaded media, in zip archived packages, allowing for quick extraction of all files that have been uploaded to the application.

This is all supported with a comprehensive reporting module, that allows administrators to monitor usage of the application.

Tools used: AngularJS, Amazon Web Services