the brief
An insurance broker specialising in credit and political risk insurance wanted to provide access to its blue-chip clients’ insurance portfolios via a new secure extranet as a value-added service.  Each one of its clients would require their information to be presented in a customised format, but all with a similar look and feel that conveys the insurance broker’s polished corporate image.

All insurance policy information was originally stored in a number of IBM Domino applications, with much of it in a format bearing little resemblance to how it would need to be presented to the client.  Furthermore, all data was highly sensitive, and it was imperative that the extranet operated in a secure manner.

the solution
We developed a new XPages browser-based application in Domino, which extracted and manipulated the data for presenting in the client’s chosen format.  This was rendered using a responsive design framework to produce an attractive user interface for all screen sizes, displaying the information with a bespoke layout that was directly relevant to each client’s needs.

This was all developed with security being of utmost concern, with native Domino security mechanisms being fully utilised at all levels of the design to produce an application that fully complies with the most rigorous of industry security guidelines.

This is all supported with a dashboard that allows the insurance broker to fully customise their client’s extranets, monitor activity, and manage user accounts with 2-factor authentication.

As a result of the application, our client has received extremely positive feedback on the information it provides, substantially differentiating it from its competitors.