Our client

A prestigious and industrious construction company based in the US, delivering a range of large civil, commercial and leisure projects to benefit the community.


The business needed to focus on the things it does best; construction, safety and improving the local community. However, they were having to spend too much time getting tax right.

Specifically, they were having to collate information from three separate systems in order to get the job done; invoice numbers from one place, contractor details from another, and approvals via a third system. That’s no fun.

They needed a system to help them centralise and automate the process of handling tax exemption certificates, so they could get right back to the fun stuff.

Services provided

We worked closely with the project’s stakeholders to learn everything about their processes and requirements. We even got uncomfortably familiar with state and federal tax law.

Once fully briefed, we were able to plan and build a workflow-driven system to orchestrate the creation of tax exemption forms, writing the requisite data into a PDF, and storing it against the project/contractor records.

The platform was built on the company’s existing application infrastructure and connects directly to their accounting system too.

The benefits

The benefits that this digital platform delivers to the business are significant, yet simple.

Principally, they’re not having to do the same thinking, the same rationalisation or the same paperwork again and again. The system knows what to do, and it generates mundane (but important) documentation for them!

The client no longer needs to think too hard about tax and can get on with delivering more great building projects.