IBM issued a press release yesterday evening, revealing that HCL have purchased the entire IBM Collaboration Services software portfolio for $1.8 billion. It’s expected that the deal will conclude by mid-2019, after which time HCL will have full ownership of the following products:

  • Appscan
  • BigFix
  • Unica (on-premise)
  • Commerce (on-premise)
  • Portal (on-premise)
  • Notes & Domino
  • Connections

First of all – a reminder on who HCL is. They’re a technology group based in India, who specialise in – amongst many other things – software services, and took on board the development of Notes/Domino in 2017 (preceded by a similar move in 2016 with IBM’s Tivoli and Rational products). They’re very big… employing 120,000+ employees worldwide, with a market value of nearly $20 billion.

The arrangement IBM had with HCL was that HCL continued development and technical support of Notes/Domino and its companion products Verse and Sametime, whilst IBM continued to push the products in terms of sales, distribution and marketing.

However, this new deal expands on this massively. HCL will now own and have full control of not only Notes/Domino, but also the rest of the Collaboration Services portfolio.

Initial thoughts on this are that this will be a good thing. HCL have proved their worth with the accelerated development of Domino 10 this year, and with them now committing so much money to the product line in addition to the technical expertise already invested, it would be in their interests to promote the platform as much as possible.

We will be keeping a close eye on future developments!

What are your thoughts on this huge deal?  Let us know!