These are strange times for all of us, and we’re very aware that businesses will – quite naturally – be having serious concerns about how their processes and profits may suffer as a result. Equally, you may have a workforce who are being asked to adapt to a new way of working, with anxieties – by both you and them – surrounding productivity. Not to mention the social change which can be something of a shock to the system, if your team mates are used to being yelling distance apart.

We wanted to offer up some reassurance.

From a business point of view, the Oval team is carrying on as before. If you’re an existing client, rest assured that we are as contactable as ever, by phone or email, should you require support. We’re in the fortunate position of being well versed in remote working, so the channels of communication remain the same, and remain open.

If you need some extra help or guidance in any specific area of the work we do together, and how that might be made more challenging by current events, we urge you to get in touch so we can try to put your mind at rest.

We also recognise that, now more than ever, businesses will be appreciating the importance of having robust, resilient systems as part of their ‘every day’. Again, if you need to get something new up and running quickly to keep things on the straight and narrow, we can help. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t even necessarily have to be something you retain long term, so we encourage you not to sit and dwell, but drop us an email to pick our brains.

Finally, don’t forget to look after yourself and your co-workers. We’ve now scheduled regular team ‘virtual’ tea breaks each day, giving us an opportunity to see each other, discuss how we’re feeling, and help retain our strong team spirit. It’s proving invaluable to keep some semblance of normal, in a time when everything seems but. Pick an online video conferencing platform (there are plenty that are free, we use Zoom), agree a time with everyone, grab a cuppa, and talk things out (or just do a show and tell of your pets, this *may* have happened in our meet up yesterday!!!).

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.