If you’re here, reading this, you probably already know that we’re in the business of software development. No ordinary software development, of course; bespoke software development.

We develop all sorts of software, in all sorts of coding languages, across all sorts of sectors.

Sounds frightfully generic, doesn’t it? Why don’t we back one horse, and just specialise?

There are many specialist software developers in this rich and diverse world who focus specifically on one technology: one framework or one coding language. For example, there are companies just doing Laravel, just doing .NET, or just doing Ruby on Rails. There are very successful businesses focused exclusively on AWS, or even just on WordPress. They have a much easier job of marketing themselves than we do. Arguably, it’s easier for potential clients to rule them in or rule them out. If you’ve decided to build, say, a Ruby application and you find a supplier who says ‘we’re so into Ruby that we only do Ruby’, then you’ll immediately get the sense they’re a good fit.

But here’s the thing: software development isn’t that simple. It’s actually a bit of a web, as you might expect. So, any single project will very often call for a whole range of disparate – but interconnected – skills and technologies.

No technology is an island.

Your application developer will need to be adept at understanding how to engineer a great front-end experience for your users. They will also need the experience to create comprehensive and robust database architecture. They will need to know how to build – or at least use – APIs to connect your applications, and enable them to share data. Their knowledge of hosting options, resilience and security must stand up to close scrutiny. Make no mistake though, you don’t need a jack of all trades, but you do need a digital partner that has mastered a curated handful of core trades.

So, yes, we DO specialise! We specialise in carefully selecting and implementing the right blend of technologies and techniques to deliver your solution. All of which allows you and your teams to be more productive, by using the right digital tools. Still scratching your head about it all, and whether you really need to go down this route? Then drop us a line and we can help you decide.

And finally, if you’re thinking about diving into commissioning any kind of browser-based business system, you might want to check out our simple guide to bespoke systems versus off-the-shelf-systems.