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We've been IBM Business Partners since 2006, and we currently maintain enterprise-level systems using a myriad of IBM products for our valued customers. You could say we know IBM pretty well!

During this journey we've developed a portfolio of clients and projects we're fiercely proud of, along with learning quite a few things along the way...

IBM Technologies

We predominately specialise in Domino development, however this is by no means exclusively.  Our projects have also found us working with complimentary IBM products such as Connections, Tivoli and Enterprise Integrator, alongside supporting technologies including Java, Angular and SQL. This has left us in an enviable position of being perfectly placed to embrace the new generation of IBM software with its focus on open systems, and the announcement of Domino 10 with its support of node.js has left us particularly excited!

Does this mean we try to throw IBM’s product catalogue at every solution we arrive at?  Not a bit of it… but it’s good to know we have the breadth of knowledge and technical skills to provide the best solution suited to our customer’s requirements.

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